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The only way to save the earth is through clean energy

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Designer and consultant of HV and MV substations


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Tadbir Energy Kamel Co. consists of skilled manpower, with experience and expertise in various fields of energy, energy economics and electricity market, which are moving in the direction of their long-term goals and vision

Tadbir Energy Kamel Co.

شرکت تدبیر انرژی کامل
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We provide the future of energy

This company was established in 2016 by the senior managers of Iran electricity industry and banking system with the aim of developing and elevating the vast country of Islamic Iran.
The members of the board and directors of Tadbir Kamel Energy are a combination of specialists with high university education, managerial experience and effective presence in national projects including oil and gas industries, power plants and high pressure substations, industrial plants, banking system and investment.


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The projects listed below are some of the projects carried out by the Tadbir Kamel Energy in the field of energy supply for industrial subscribers and renewable energy.

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